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This enables us to provide our services ongoing to more and more Global travellers, many desperate to travel overseas again for a holiday or many who wish to live overseas for 3,6 or 12 months or longer as they simply don’t trust their Governments in their own country anymore due to the harsh lockdowns and removal of civil liberties and human rights abuses, or have missed 2.5 years of international travel as many Governments banned travel particularly Australians and many commonwealth countries.We can also provide information on the safest countries to relocate to and how to arrange visas easily and simplyBasically if you want a great overseas holiday and hassle free, despite such tyrannical vaccine mandates, or relocate them our services can make it easier and simpler.

In fact without this knowledge and assistance many have said it would have been a total nightmare , and in many cases they wouldn’t been permitted to travel.Our services guarantee that you can travel freely regardless of vaccination status and best countries to re locate to that are safe and visa friendly and inexpensive to liveWith rising inflation many westerners sadly, simply can’t afford to live in their own country anymore , yet could live a much better live overseas for a fraction of the costs


All inbound travellers must declare their vaccination status to enter Australia. Learn more about what type of proof of vaccination you need.

Unvaccinated inbound travellers may be required to quarantine on arrival in Australia at their own expense and be subject to passenger caps.

Digital Passenger Declaration

All travellers arriving by air into Australia should complete the Digital Passenger Declaration (DPD) unless they are flight crew. The DPD requests details that are considered critical health information. Passengers who do not make the declaration before they board their flight may be delayed when arriving in Australia.

Maritime Travel Declaration

Travellers arriving on a cruise vessel must complete a Maritime Travel Declaration (MTD), which captures health and other critical information, prior to disembarking the vessel.

Pre-departure testing

You do not need to undertake a negative COVID-19 test before you travel to Australia.


If you plan to travel internationally, you will need to get a COVID-19 viral test (regardless of vaccination status or citizenship) no more than 1 day before you travel by air into the United States. You must show your negative result to the airline before you board your flight.
If you recently recovered from COVID-19, you may instead travel with documentation of recovery from COVID-19 (i.e., your positive COVID-19 viral test result on a sample taken no more than 90 days before the flight’s departure from a foreign country and a letter from a licensed healthcare provider or a public health official stating that you were cleared to travel).

CDC amended its October 25, 2021 Order, titled, “Requirement for Proof of Negative COVID-19 Test or Recovery from COVID-19 for All Air Passengers Arriving in the United States.” This amendment updates COVID-19 testing requirements for air passengers 2 years or older boarding a flight to the United States.

All air passengers 2 years or older with a flight departing to the US from a foreign country at or after 12:01am EST (5:01am GMT) on December 6, 2021, are required show a negative COVID-19 viral test result taken no more than 1 day before travel, or documentation of having recovered from COVID-19 in the past 90 days, before they board their flight.

  • Air passengers will also be required to confirm in the form of an attestation that the information they present is true.

For the full list of requirements and exemptions, please review the language in the Order.


Travellers entering Canada by land, air or water, regardless of citizenship, must follow testing and quarantine requirements to keep everyone safe.

  • Canadians must meet and follow all of the same entry requirements.
  • Starting April 1, 2022, pre-entry tests are no longer required for fully vaccinated travellers entering Canada by land, air or water. You must still use ArriveCAN within 72 hours before your arrival to Canada.

Under certain circumstances, you may be exempt from some requirements.

Requirements for exempt travellers

Unless you qualify as a fully vaccinated traveller, there are strict requirements you must follow even if you are exempt from quarantine.

You must:

  • wear a mask at all times when in public spaces
  • maintain a list of all close contacts for your first 14 days in Canada
  • monitor yourself for signs and symptoms of COVID-19

Signs and symptoms of COVID-19

Although your reason for entering Canada may fall under an exemption, you may still have to follow certain provincial and territorial restrictions (which may include quarantine), depending on your destination.

Provincial and territorial travel restrictions


Re-open EU provides information on travel and health measures in EU and Schengen Associated countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland) during the COVID-19 pandemic. The platform helps you exercise your right to free movement, while staying safe and healthy. Information is updated frequently and available in 24 languages.

Consult the page on the ‘EU Digital COVID Certificate‘ (EUDCC) to learn who can obtain it and how. National health authorities are in charge of issuing the certificate.

On 30 June 2020, the Council adopted a recommendation on the possible gradual lifting of the temporary restrictions on non-essential travel into the EU. In its ‘Annex I’, the recommendation includes a list of countries, special administrative regions and other entities and territorial authorities for which travel restrictions should be lifted. This list is reviewed every two weeks and, where appropriate, updated.

According to the recommendation, vaccinated persons, essential travellers and non-essential travellers from countries or entities included on Annex I should be allowed to travel into the EU under certain conditions.

Non-essential travel to the EU from countries or entities not listed in Annex I is temporarily restricted. However, EU countries can lift the temporary restriction on non-essential travel to the EU for fully vaccinated travellers.


When you travel to England, you:

  • do not need to complete a UK passenger locator form before you travel
  • do not need to take any COVID-19 tests before you travel or after you arrive
  • do not need to quarantine when you arrive

Travel provider and transport hub rules

Your travel provider, or the transport hub you travel through, may have COVID-19 rules in place. For example they may require or advise you to wear a face covering.

You should follow any COVID-19 rules and guidance from:

  • your travel provider – airline, ferry, coach or train company
  • the transport venue – airport, port, coach or railway station

New Zealand

Most travellers must have a negative COVID-19 test to enter New Zealand. See Border controls to view who is eligible to enter New Zealand.

Evidence of a negative Covid-19 result can be from either of the following tests:

  • PCR test: taken within 48 hours of boarding international flight to New Zealand
  • Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs) or LAMP tests: taken within 24 hours of boarding flight to New Zealand (please note that RATs can also be known as lateral-flow tests (LFTs), lateral flow devices (LFDs), and Antigen Rapid Tests (ARTs).

Please note your pre-departure test must be taken no more than 24 hours (for RAT/LFT/LRD/ART or LAMP tests ) or 48 hours (for PCR tests) before the scheduled departure of your first international flight to New Zealand. If you spend more than 72 hours in another country while on your way to New Zealand, you should take your test in this country instead, within 24/48 hours of the scheduled departure time of your next international flight. See the Unite against COVID-19 website for details.

If you’ve received a COVID-19 vaccination, you will still need to take a pre-departure test. You will need your test result to complete your travel declaration.  

Australian traveller strip-searched, held in US prison and deported over little-known entry requirement

An Australian traveller was denied entry to the US, cavity searched, sent to prison alongside criminals and subsequently deported 30 hours after arriving, due to a little-known entry requirement for the US. The Victorian student Jack Dunn applied for a visa waiver for his trip to the US in May and planned to travel on to Mexico. He had been warned about the need to prove his plan to exit the US, but was unaware of the rule that requires those entering on the waiver

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